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Cedrus Valeo Propolis 30ml

Brand: Cedrus

Product Code: Cedrus Valeo Propolis 30ml

Propolis is produced by combining the resinous sap from plants and trees with the beeswax and enzymes of honeybees. It is used in nature to provide structural strength to the beehive and to protect it from bacterial growth and external viral threats.
Propolis is a potent natural:
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
Valeo Propolis was the first in the alternative medicine industry to capture the full strength of Propolis. This is due to the unique ‘valeo-process’ of extraction employed by Cedrus. It was developed using the latest in crystallization technology that provided the development team with indicators to formulate the least intrusive extraction process. The process employs pure spring water, bee pollen and honey in order to extract the beneficial health properties of Propolis in their natural state. This ensures that the 150 or so different substances and biologically active bioflavonoids contained in bee propolis are harvested without diminishing their effectiveness. Bioflavonoids (such as Galangin, Pinocembrin and Pinobanksin) and Phenolic compounds (primarily caffeic acids) provide Valeo-Propolis with its powerful virus and bacteria fighting properties. Valeo-Propolis also contains the health enhancing qualities of fatty acids and their esters.
The Cedrus Valeo-Propolis is organic, formulated without alcohol or alcohol related ingredients and has been independently tested to the highest standards. Add this natural supplement to your diet to fully benefit from the health-giving properties of pure Propolis.
Propolis is produced by combining the resinous sap from plants and trees with the beeswax and enzyme..
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